This is my new feature showcasing sports photographers. Not only do I want to showcase different people’s work, I think it’d be great to change up people’s feeds a bit to see great people, doing great sports, captured by great photographers! Please feel free to get in touch if you have some amazing work to share.

Victoria Lee

This week’s photography feature is with Victoria, a surfing enthusiast and part-time casual photographer based in Cornwall.

“Born and bred in Cornwall, the sea has always been a big part of my life, whether that’s surfing in some of the best waves around or wandering the Cornish Coast, finding peace and tranquillity. ⁠

I’ve always had a passion for photography, but it really took off when I was unable to surf due to an ongoing injury. Therefore, the next best option for me was to capture other people doing what I love to do and enjoy the experience through them. These shots were all taken in Polzeath, a town in the North of Cornwall, which will always remain special to me. ⁠

Since I was a child, I’ve spent summers in Polzeath, fascinated by the sea and the overnight vans parked up ready for the morning surf. I don’t think you can get much more of a Cornish dream as a child than to own a van to sleep in by the beach big enough for you and your surfboard. Throughout the winter, Polzeath provides some of the best swell with consistent clean waves, however you must endure the treacherous temperatures to make the most out of it. A shame the same can’t be said for the summer swell – perfect for beginners none of the less. ⁠

Being a surfer from Cornwall, you will find it impossibly hard to stay away, these big city dwellers can’t compare to the coasts of the county and hopefully these pictures give you a snippet of this.”

Olivier Rachon

This week’s photography feature is with Ollie, a sports photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

“I have a passion for action photography and i practice my craft shooting tennis, volley and beach volleyball, gridiron and motocross. In 2020, I covered the Kooyong Classic which is a professional tennis exhibition right before the Australian Open.”

“My collaboration with Christie Jenkins, Pro Athlete and Victoria’s elite beach volleyball player, started 2 years ago. My pictures of Christie were featured in 2019 and 2020 in the finalists in the amateur category of the Women in Sport Photo Action Awards, which was conceived to help change media and public perceptions and portrayal of women in sport. I am really stoked to be able to contribute modestly to such a great initiative and I’m very proud to work with Christie. She’s an amazing athlete.”

“In my pictures of beach volleyball, I want to draw attention to the athleticism of these incredible women competing in a very demanding sport.”

As a sport that is often heavily sexualised, it is great to see someone like Ollie highlighting the athleticism and prowess of these females.

“Christie has represented Australia and been ranked in the top 10 in the world in 3 different sports – trampolining, CrossFit, and beach volleyball. She can do triple somersaults 10 metres in the air, lift 100 kg barbells above her head, and pictured here, she’s diving for volleyballs in the sand. Outside of sport she’s also a motivational speaker and a strategy consultant to the biggest companies in Australia – sharing the mindset lessons from elite sport.”

Oscar James

This week’s photography feature is with Oscar James’ photos of Sorsha Caldwell surfing. These pictures are all at Belhaven Bay in Dunbar, Scotland.

Sorsha says, “the photos capture what I love about surfing, which is fun little waves. When I saw these photos I realised my wetsuit is zipped open, but I was in the moment surfing so I didn’t really realise. It makes me feel cold looking at them now though!”

The photographer, Oscar James, is one of the founders of BRAW surf. It’s an amazing business based in Edinburgh that makes organic surf wax and supports the Scottish surf scene. 

“Scottish surfing is really special as you’re really battling against the elements a lot of the time when you surf. It’s not usually blue skies and sun when you surf. It’s raining, grey, windy and cold, so it requires a lot of dedication to get out and do it. Surfing, for so many people, is such as good way to escape everyday life. A challenge with COVID and travel restrictions is that people won’t be able to have that opportunity to clear their mind in the same way that surfing allows.”

Suzi Eyles

Our second featured photographer is Suzi Eyles, who works as a freelance sports photographer, specialising in women’s sport.

“I am a female sports photographer passionate about the promotion of all things women-in-sports related.  Through my work I look to raise the profile of women in sports by making images that show us that female sports is accessible, exciting, enjoyable, inclusive and fun.  As a firm believer in the ‘if you can see it, you can be it’ mantra my purpose is to photograph you and others actively participating in the world of sport – to advocate for women and sports being a part of our normal life journey.  To show everyone how capable and strong women really are.”

The photos here are from Suzi’s work with She Flies at a progression morning they had organised for female wakeboarders. She Flies is a social enterprise business with a mission to grow and strengthen the global wave of women in extreme sports.

“It was a cold wet October day when we took over the water park for the session. Every one of the riders were amazing – from 9 year old Summer to those who had begun their wakeboard journey just weeks beforehand – they all hit the water with enthusiasm and support from the others. Wonderful to see and a powerful inspiring message to all of us.”

Suzi is always on the lookout for organisations and individuals to partner with, so they can work together to create a powerful visual platform for women in sports.

Oli Brady

My first photographer is Oli Brady who is a photographer for Gallagher’s Boxing gym in Bolton.

“I’ve been Gallagher’s gym photographer for just over a year now. I came to know the gym through someone who knew someone and I managed to be able to come down to photograph Anthony Crolla for his last fight. I immediately was out of my depth and very nervous about being in a gym with what some people regard as ‘famous’ people. One thing lead to another and I’ve been there every Monday since. It’s something I love and have a passion for and almost an escape for me which I think makes me love it so much.”

Gallagher’s Gym is run by Joe Gallagher, who with 14 British titles under his tutelage and 5 World titles, he is widely regarded as one of the best in the world in his field.

In these photos Oli has captured Natasha Jonas, Britain’s first female boxer to go to the Olympics, hence her name ‘Miss GB’. Not only is she an incredible athlete in the ring, she’s a single mum to the lovely Mela and a role model for young sports women around her hometown Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

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