Has football progressed at all since the tragic case of Justin Fashanu?

Just over 30 years ago, footballer Justin Fashanu became the first professional player to come out as gay. When we talk about ‘firsts’ in breaking down identity barriers, we think of pioneers such as Billie Jean King. She was the first prominent professional female athlete to publicly come out about her sexuality in 1981. SinceContinue reading “Has football progressed at all since the tragic case of Justin Fashanu?”

Deborah Fleming

I recently spoke to the England Sevens Rugby player, Deborah Fleming, all about her unique way of getting into the sport through the Power2Podium program, her Olympic dream, her strong Christian faith and how that intersects with her sport, whether she considers herself a role model for young women of colour and most topically, howContinue reading “Deborah Fleming”

Sustainability and Sport: An Interview with Claudia MacDonald

Coreen Grant talks to Claudia MacDonald about how the worlds of sport and sustainability intersect, and what we can do to educate ourselves on how to make the world a greener place. The sustainability of sport isn’t a subject you hear talked about much. For many of us, playing or watching sport is a release:Continue reading “Sustainability and Sport: An Interview with Claudia MacDonald”

Harassment whilst Running – is catcalling really that innocent?

In this article, we explore the prolific nature of harassment whilst running and we hear first hand from those who have experienced it. It is interesting as I edit this article, following the recent release of a BBC article about the harassment of female athletes. I wrote this article a couple of weeks before thatContinue reading “Harassment whilst Running – is catcalling really that innocent?”

Women’s Bodies: Powerhouses for Performance Over Aesthetics

Nathalie Rappaport on ‘Challenging Feminine Beauty’… What sort of images does the word ‘feminine’ evoke for you? It is a subjective term, of course and has recently become a huge talking point for influencers, celebrities and politicians. Due to these conversations, female body ‘ideals’ are a concept that are almost on the brink of beingContinue reading “Women’s Bodies: Powerhouses for Performance Over Aesthetics”

Female Rugby Refereeing

Mary Pringle, writes about her experience as a young woman in the lesser-known about world of Rugby Refereeing. ‘How did you get into rugby refereeing?’ is a question I always get. My rugby origin story, however, is slightly different to what you would expect from most referees. I never began as a player. From aContinue reading “Female Rugby Refereeing”


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